Cradle Cap Oil™️

Cradle Cap Oil™️

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This Cradle Cap Oil is the same herbal infusion we make for our Baby Balm! Multiple parents have used this for their baby's scalp and reported back to us letting us know how amazing it works for baby's cradle cap! Most parents we know were told that coconut oil was the best cure. We've found that coconut oil wasn't as magical as we thought when it came to our own babies!

We spent countless hours researching safe herbs for baby and their benefits for the skin, scalp, hair & CRADLE CAP!

Directions for cradle cap:

Fully cover area containing cradle cap with Cradle Cap Oil. Allow oil to sit on scalp for at least 15-20 minutes. Use a fine tooth comb to gentle comb the area (loosening the cradle cap). You can wash the product out and repeat morning and night or you can leave the oil in all day!


All though we've seen amazing results, we can not promise results in every child.